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Spend Your holiday between Chanel «small» sea and Open «big» sea, in the heart of Pelješac peninsula.

Janjina, Drače, Sreser, Popova Luka and Osobljava are ideal places for all of You running away from the haste of urban lifestyle.

Run away from the city, take a break from stressful life, leave Your worries behind, enjoy Your holiday by the warm sea, sun and scent of pine tree woods.

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Tourist board

Dear Visitor, By these pages we wish to acquaint you with Tourist Board of Janjina and our endeavour to offer enjoyable and relaxing stay to our guests. Tourist Board of district of Janjina covers the following settlements: ...  


Drace, a village and cove of the same name on the northern coast of the Peljesac Peninsula, 30 km northwest of Ston; population 48. The cove is a part of the spacious bay of Bratkovica, open to the north. The bay has a number of coves (Drace, ...  

Special offer

Stipo Šegovic

Stipo Šegovic House is situated in place Drace, 300m from the center.
From the house there is beautiful ...

Zdravko Mratović

Zdravko Mratović House is located in Drace, and it is 2 km away from the center.
There are just few houses ...

Matko Pleho

Matko Pleho House is located in Drace, 20 m away from the center.
There are 3 apartments in this house. ...

Tonci Pekic

Tonci Pekic

This nice house is 100m from the center, just by the road.
It has nice garden around it. ...

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